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Ren Rocks My Face Off!

Long before my husband and I were even engaged, my then boyfriend would randomly be looking at Facebook, and insist I stop what I’m doing, and look at the most recent post from his high school friend, Ren. Look at these colors, look at the light, this moment, the emotion!! I was hooked.

When we got engaged, Ren was the first and last photographer we met with. I was already sold from what I had seen. What I did not anticipate is the amazing, professional, funny, creative, and caring little lady bug of a person she turned out to be!

Our engagement session with Ren was only the second time we had met, but felt like three old friends hanging out and cracking jokes like we had known each other for years. She caught pictures so poignant, they still make me tear up to this day. When they started showing up on Facebook, I felt like a celebrity. Friends, family, co workers, could not stop talking about our pictures, and how this person had effortlessly caught our personalities and relationship on film.

I think that was the best compliment we heard time and time again; “she caught you guys and what your relationship looks like!” What’s special about Ren, is she invests in you as a couple, trying to understand who you are.

You won’t get posed pictures that don’t make sense, or ever feel uncomfortable. Her pictures are beautiful, because they’re you in your truest form.

Fast forward to wedding day. Ren was professional, innovative, and so unbelievably kind. She won’t restrict herself to being your photographer that day, or through your planing journey. She was texting me exclamation points with countdowns to the day, and ideas for location shots. She was crying with my bridesmaids, asking if I needed help, or coffee, checking in, and genuinely invested in ensuring I was having the best time possible, while capturing memories for us. Her eye for detail, enthusiasm about the perfect shot, and overall caffeinated happiness is contagious.

Ren’s commitment to get you the photos you seek is unmatchable. Her genuine concern and interest she takes with her clients is what stands her out to other vendors. She’s willing to go the extra mile ensure your happiness. Something you might not see from other photographers. Her passion for her art beams off of her

You’d be a crazy person to not look at this delightful woman’s work, and not see the beauty that shines. She will absolutely far exceed your expectations:) I’m so thankful for the dedication to her work, and for the special friendship I gained meeting her!

-Lindsay & Jared || Bride + Groom, 1/4/14

Pfister Hotel Milwaukee Wisconsin WeddingPfister Hotel Milwaukee WisconsinPfister Hotel Milwaukee Wisconsin WeddingPfister Hotel Milwaukee Wisconsin WeddingPfister Hotel Milwaukee Wisconsin WeddingPfister Hotel Milwaukee Wisconsin WeddingPfister Hotel Milwaukee Wisconsin

These are some of my favorites from atop the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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