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Love your dress? Love pictures? How do you get MORE fantastic photos?
Easy. Get back in your wedding clothes, remove the stress of sticking to a schedule, and hangout with me and Caleb!
And THEN reward yourself with margs.
Many brides inquire about doing a Post Wedding Day Session, so here are my TOP reasons why I recommend, and LOVE the Post Wedding Sessions.
1) Majority of brides are terrified to really “give it all” on their wedding day because of the fear of getting your dress dirty. Totally understandable. But, after your wedding, you can go and do whatever you want. No fear.
2) There is always a tight schedule on wedding day. We are only given a fragment of the day to take photos, and in that fragment we are trying to knock out all the classic formals, candids, along with the lovey-dovey portraits of just the bride and groom. While, I promise, I always get plenty of photos on wedding day, removing the stress of having to stick to a schedule is such a relief. We can take photos anywhere and not have to worry about straying too far from your reception hall.  A post wedding day session is also extremely helpful for Brides with traditional late-fall or winter weddings. The sunsets very early, so unless you are able to do a first look and complete all of our “fun photos” prior to the ceremony/before the sunsets then all of the outside photos will be using flash. Flash can be great, but natural light just makes my clients look fantastic!
3) Weather. Weather is sometimes our friend and sometimes our worst nightmare. Every wedding that it has rained on, has still been fantastic. But rainy-day brides have always schedule a post-wedding day session so that they can get some outdoor photos without umbrellas or fear of getting completely drenched.
4) You LOVE your dress! When else are you going to wear it again?
5) Taking pictures with your special someone is SO fun! Let’s do it!
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Post Wedding Day Sessions Love the Dress Sessions by Studio 29 Photography

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