Milwaukee Flower Company visits Windswept Acres // Studio 29 Photography


A few weeks ago Sally from the Milwaukee Flower Company and I went on a flower-farm-field-trip to Windswept Acres in Cecil, Wisconsin.

Windswept Acres provides the freshest cut flowers to fine flower shops throughout Wisconsin and beyond. Their main focus is on customer service and farming sustainably.

MKE Flower Co grows it’s own blooms and or buys from local flower farms, such as Windswept Acres.

Directly from Sally:  We love Windswept for many reasons, let me count the ways!
#1 Variety: Reed + MaryLee select varieties that are on trend and unique. The quality is incredible, having been picked only hours before they reach my vase.
#2 Personal Relationship with my grower: I have become close with Reed + MaryLee though out the years and its not uncommon for us to ask about each others families  Having this personal connection to each other fosters a strong bond to the farm and my business.
#3 Flexibility: I can call MaryLee on her cell phone while she is in the field and she can tell be about what is blooming and bountiful that day. And then the next day, Reed will be at my door with those incredible blooms. Pretty magical!

Milwaukee Flower Co. offers the most gorgeous field fresh arrangements. Sally does just about everything: flower subscription packages, weddings, special events, and workshops!

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