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Grain Exchange Wedding ~ Megan + David // Studio 29 Photography


There are some couples I meet and instantly want to become best friends with them. Megan + David are that type of couple.

They are the type of couple you learn things from. They are the type of couple that seem to have it all figured out. They are the type of couple that makes you want to be a better partner.

From the moment I read the email from Megan, July of 2014 she was enthusiastic, incredibly kind, and completely supportive of my work.

When we first met, I knew I was going enjoy working with her and her fiancé. We met at Colectivo Coffee and she met Kenzo. ((He was only 10 weeks old!!)) At our initial meeting, she immediately made me feel appreciated and was continuously complimenting my skill set.

We chatted about the wedding and then made plans for the engagement session. We decided to do the session around my home in the 5th Ward and then ended in Bay View. After the session I was so excited because I knew I had made new friends – – I could NOT wait to get home and tell Caleb all about them.

A few months past and we met multiple times for coffee – – we even went on a double date to La Riviera Maya and enjoyed margaritas!

Fast Forward – – it is now October 3, 2015; Megan + David’s wedding day.

I woke up and was so excited. I could not wait to start photographing their beautiful day.

It started out at the Hilton Garden Inn. Then the boys took a trolley with Caleb to the Art Museum and the girls and I went to Lake Park.

Breezy but moderate temperatures, the early October weather was kind to us that day.

Megan and David exchanged vows downtown before we headed back to the initial engagement-session location.

We ran into a Lake Front Brewery tour guide before heading to the 6th Street Bridge.

Then we made our way to the Grain Exchange for cocktails, dinner, and dancing.

I honestly could not have imagined M+D’s day being any prettier. I cried more tears than I would like to admit. ((all happy of course))

Please enjoy the preview! I love this couple to the moon and back and I am beyond thrilled I was part of their incredibly special celebration! XOXO

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Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0145Grain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain-Exchange-Wedding_0148Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0149Grain Exchange WeddingGrain-Exchange-Wedding_0151Grain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain-Exchange-Wedding_0155Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0156Grain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain-Exchange-Wedding_0159Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0160Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0161Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0162Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0163Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0164Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0165Grain Exchange WeddingGrain-Exchange-Wedding_0167Grain Exchange WeddingGrain-Exchange-Wedding_0169Grain Exchange WeddingGrain-Exchange-Wedding_0171Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0172Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0173Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0174Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0175Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0176Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0177Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0178Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0179Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0180Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0182Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0183Grain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain Exchange WeddingGrain-Exchange-Wedding_0192Grain Exchange WeddingGrain-Exchange-Wedding_0194Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0195Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0196Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0197Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0199Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0200Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0202Grain-Exchange-Wedding_0205
Special Thanks to All Vendors Involved:
Wedding Dress Designer + Store Bought: Kenneth Winston- Shelley’s Bridal Couture
Cake/Desserts: Sweet Tooth
Catering: Bartolotta Catering at The Grain Exchange
Bride shoes: Badgley Mischka at BHLDN
Bride veil/head piece: Shelley’s Bridal Couture
Bride jewelry: Earrings/Hair Clips: Anna Bellagio Bridal Jewelry Bracelet: Kate Spade
Bridesmaid jewelry: Bauble Bar
BM dresses: J Crew
Groom Suit: Men’s Warehouse
Groom Shoes: Cole Haan
Groom Accessories: Suspenders-Men’s Warehouse, Watch: TBD, Socks: TBD
GM Suits: Men’s Warehouse
Hair Stylist: Bride’s Aunt/Sarah Sisk-Raw Beauty Salon
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Skocynskis- Beauty Salon
Music, Lighting, and Photo Booth: Sound By Design
Flowers: Feisty Flowers
Photographer: Studio 29 Photography
Ceremony Location: The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist
Reception Hall: The Grain Exchange
Seating Chart: Coqui Paperie & Gifts
Unique Elements: My mom cut the sleeve of her wedding dress to wrap around my bouquet
Special credit or a special thank you to family members & friends: We would like to thank our parents for their constant support throughout our lives and the wedding planning process. We also are grateful for all of our family and friends who traveled to share our special day with us.

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