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I am a firm believer in the way you spend your morning will set the tone for the way you will spend the rest of your day.

Here are a few tips from morning routine that help me make the most of my mornings in order to start my day off positively and gear up for a busy + productive day!

How I Make the Most of My Mornings

  1. Make the Bed Pretty: My day really starts as soon as I start getting out of bed and place two feet on the floor. Making the bed every day makes your space feel pulled together. It always gives me a little feeling of accomplishment.
  2. Coffee Please: Caleb usually is in charge of readying the coffee each morning with our french press. I enjoy drinking my coffee hot when I first wake up, but by the time 9am rolls around I crave it iced. Each night before we go to bed I prep some cold brew coffee so that it is ready for the next day.
  3. Have a smoothie: I love experimenting with different flavors! My favorite right now: Banana + Almond Milk + Spinach + A couple Ice Cubes + 2 Scoops of Vanilla Whey Protein! Making a smoothie is easy and can be a really healthy start to your day.
  4. Slam Some H20: Staying hydrated is uber great for you! Drinking a glass of water when you wake up is one of the best things you can do to begin your day. It helps me with my mental clarity, energy level, and I really think my skin is a lot healthier. My favorite water bottle is one I scored from Target; Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle in Cloudy Turquoise.  I also recently downloaded a really cute water drinking reminder app! I strive to drink 40 oz of water each day.
  5. Open the Curtains & Let in the Light! We love our curtains from West Elm because they let in just enough light from the rising sun – – while still keeping it dark enough for a restful night. According to the American Sleep Foundation “light suppresses the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin,” that is why waking up in a sun-soaked bedroom makes me feel so energized and ready to take on the day!
  6. Set Goals! Every morning I mentally plan out my day. Within that plan I always slip a few goals for the day. They are not always life-changing, but setting goals (personal or work related) each day keeps me motivated. When I complete my goals I feel a strong sense of pride for my work and I always less stressed once it is met.
  7. Get Moving: Caleb and I have this ritual where every time you use the bathroom, you have to do 50 squats and 10 pushups. This makes sure we are moving throughout the day ((and keeping our booties in check 😉 ))  You don’t have to follow our lead, but moving your body, whether it’s a post bathroom squats or a simple overhead stretch, is not only great for waking up and getting your blood flowing, but it will also help energize you. Trust me, if you have to sit at a desk all day, your body with love you for it!
  8. Read a funny quote, word of the day, or watch a silly youtube video (i like the ones with animals) Not much to say here – – starting off my day with positive verbiage or a giggle-triggering video is just perfect! Who wouldn’t want to wake up and watch silly puppies?! I also like putting silly/fun/sweet quotes up on our message board in the kitchen each week. Our sweet friends Kelly + Ben gave us this board for our wedding shower gift! We found it on Amazon. 
  9. Kiss Caleb good-bye and flash a smile as he heads out the door! I remember learning in AP Psychology, that just the mere motion of moving your lips into an upward position triggers internal hormones to ward off negative stress. So, even if you are having a dreary morning – – just try it! Even faking a smile will supposedly still do the trick!

What morning rituals help you start the day off on a positive note?

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