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What We've Been Watching // On My Mind Monday

Apr 10, 2017

Everyone is binge watching shows these days, but Caleb and I rarely have time for television. Thanks to Netflix I feel like there is just so tele to watch and so little time to do so!
This year I made a goal to take time for relaxation and often times that includes us cozied up in blankets on the couch, with Kenzo at our feet and the two cats laying on our feet enjoying some television.
During the winter months we re-started our habit of recording Jeopardy, so we can watch it after dinner every evening.
Despite taking more time for ourselves this year, I feel like there are so many cinematically beautiful/unique movies & shows I need to catch up on in order to maintain a relevant conversation with others; so I thought I’d share our top favorite shows that Caleb and I recently finished or are currently watching…
TV Shows/Series:
Mr. Robot
The Americans – Season 5 **my fave show!
Parks and Recreation – Currently on Season 3 via Netflix
Bob’s Burgers
Santa Clarita Diet
Mad Men
The Crown
Black Mirrors
Jack Reacher
The Accountant
Kong: Skull Island
John Wick: Chapter 2

And, thats it! Do you have any recommendations for us?? What are your fav. movies or tv shows you’ve been recently binge watching or highly recommend??


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  1. i’ve been on the homeland train for ages & this season had me ugly crying all the time.  chris & i just purged a ton of the movies we’ve had on our shelf that were just taking up space to make some room for better films. our bucket list is to watch all of the “best picture” nominated films!

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