What Can I Do Instead of A Bouquet Toss?


It is no big surprise that the wedding bouquet toss is one ritual that is constantly being modified. It usually consists of all the single ladies being herded into one area to battle for a bouquet, hoping to be the next to marry. But, there are alternatives to the bouquet toss. Some are sweet, funny, and likely to result in injury, but the guests will have fun. 

A bridal bouquet can be expensive and hard to justify tossing away. But, an even bigger concern is that sometimes it puts a lot of pressure and anxiety for the women who need to step forward and display that they are still “the single ones” on the dance floor.

But, no worries! It is possible to update the tradition with these 4 Alternatives to a wedding bouquet toss. 


Four Alternatives to a Wedding Bouquet Toss


The Money Origami Bouquet

An origami bouquet made with dollar bills. This will get people up and excited for the bouquet toss. This is not an out of left field idea, certain cultural wedding traditions call for a donation. It’s a thank you to all those who came out for the wedding celebration.

The bouquet can be made from dollar bills and stuffed with gift cards or the bouquet could have little notes inside that can break away in mid-air. Sending money, gift cards, and thank-you notes with a bright reminder of how wonderful your guests are. This version of the bouquet toss is for not only just the single ladies; anyone can come to take part in a memorable twist on the tradition. 


It’s a Dance Off!

Why not have a dance competition between married couples or any couple at the wedding. A dance competition between men and women at the wedding. This will get all your guests involved and you and your husband can select songs for the dance-off.

The guests in the crowd will be the judges by the loudest applause. The winning couple or individual could walk away with a prize for all their hard work. Your wedding DJ could host the dance off and this could show your appreciation to everyone present. Prizes or wedding mementos can be given out to anyone who participates. 


The Anniversary Dance 

Instead of singling out all the single people at the wedding, bring the couples up. This can be married couples or anyone in a relationship. They can join the bride and groom on the dance floor for the couple’s dance. The newlyweds can pick a fun or sentimental song to get things started. The DJ will slowly whittle away at the couples to get to the two who have been together the longest. This is a sentimental moment that will highlight true love. The couple who has been together the longest can walk away with a prize or the bouquet. 


Throw Something from your Wedding Theme

If you are dead-set with tossing something into a crowd, make it part of the theme from your wedding. This does not have to be for single ladies, but for everyone involved. If it is a beach wedding, toss some flip flops with a prize attached. If your theme is a garden wedding, toss flowers into the crowd. There are endless ideas you can use based on the theme of your wedding. I love this idea because it can be a toss for the kids, the single people, or the couples. 


Most couples getting married incorporate some sort of customized theme. When you start to pick your theme or venues, which you can do through Thering.org, the ideas can start to materialize. Moreover, getting all your guests involved says thank you and appreciation for sharing this day with us.

Are you doing or did you do a bouquet toss at your wedding? 

alternatives to a wedding bouquet toss

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alternatives to a wedding bouquet toss



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  1. Kim H. says:

    When I got married, instead of tossing the bouquet I dedicated it to one of our guests, a long-time friend of my parents, who so happened to be celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband the day we got married. I made a small speech about how much she had influenced me over the years and totally surprised her by giving her my bouquet. She was absolutely speechless but so thrilled that I had recognized their 50th anniversary on our wedding day. I had many guests come up to me at our reception and say it was the most touching thing they had ever seen at a wedding.

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