When to Do Newborn Photoshoot: Timing and Tips


Picture this. You’re expecting a bundle of joy.

…As the excitement grows, you start planning for the perfect newborn photography session to capture those precious early moments.

You search high and low for inspiration and ideas, but one question lingers in your mind: when to do newborn photoshoot? 

When is the right time to do newborn photos? What age is best?

Fret not! With over 15+ years of experience as a newborn photographer, I will help you plan for the ideal time for newborn photos.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the ideal timeframe for newborn photoshoots, booking sessions, scheduling flexibility and communication with photographers, preparation tips for a smooth photo shoot experience, lifestyle newborn session options, and special considerations for premature or multiple babies.

So sit back and relax as we help you navigate the world of newborn photography while answering that burning question – when to do newborn photoshoot?

Table Of Contents:

The Ideal Window for Newborn Photoshoots

So, when is the best time to schedule a newborn photoshoot? The sweet spot lies within 5 to 14 days after birth.

This magical window offers several advantages for capturing those precious newborn photographs.

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Sleepy and Curly Newborn Poses

Babies are usually very sleepy and comfortable in the ‘curly’ fetal position during this period, making it easier for your newborn photographer to capture beautiful images of your newborn baby.

Skin Conditions Within the First Two Weeks

Babies’ skin is also in its best condition during these first few days, minimizing issues like baby acne or peeling that can sometimes appear later on.

Note: If you’re worried about any specific skin conditions affecting your baby’s photos, discuss them with your photographer beforehand for tailored guidance and advice.

Don’t miss out on capturing those precious first moments – schedule your newborn photography session within the first two weeks after your baby arrives.

Looking for a newborn photographer? I’d LOVE to be your photographer! Let’s connect!

Book Your Newborn Photoshoot Early to Capture Those Precious Moments

Don’t miss out on capturing your little one’s earliest moments by waiting until after they arrive to schedule a newborn session.

Research local newborn photographers and book during your second trimester for the best chance at securing a spot on their calendar.

Booking ahead of time allows for discussions about preferred styles, props, outfits, and any special requests you might have for the shoot.

Plus, it gives you peace of mind knowing that this important milestone is covered.

Pro Tip: Check out portfolios of potential photographers to find the perfect fit for your family.

With a scheduled newborn session, you can create a tailored experience that truly captures the essence of your newborn baby in those precious first days after birth.

newborn baby girl in families arms

Flexible Scheduling for Newborn Photography Sessions

When scheduling your newborn photo shoot, keep in mind that flexibility is key.

Your photographer will likely pencil in your estimated due date, but won’t set a concrete date until after your baby arrives.

My Process for Scheduling Newborn Sessions:

I like to put two dates on the calendar for my photography clients and then I always allow for reschedules depending on the baby’s arrival and how the mom is healing.

This approach ensures that you can capture those precious first moments within the optimal 5-14 day window.

Be sure to inform your photographer as soon as possible after your baby arrives to secure a spot in their calendar.

And remember, unexpected changes can happen, so keep the lines of communication open with your photographer to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Why flexible scheduling is important:

  • Allows for capturing images within the ideal timeframe (5-14 days)
  • Ensures smooth coordination between parents and photographers

Confirmation process with photographers:

  • Inform them immediately after birth
  • Maintain open communication about potential rescheduling needs

For advice on what to wear to your newborn photography session, take a look at this informative blog post I wrote: Outfit Ideas: What to Wear As A New Mom to Your Newborn Session

little sister holding baby sister

Preparing for Your Newborn Photo Shoot Experience

Get ready for your newborn photo shoot by having essential items like diapers, wipes, blankets, and a white noise app on hand.

Dress your baby in easy-to-remove clothing for quick outfit changes between poses.

  • Necessary Items: Diapers, wipes, blankets, white noise app
  • Clothing Tips: Easy-to-remove outfits for seamless transitions

Expect the session to last a least an hour (or a little more) due to feedings or diaper changes needed throughout the shoot.

Communicate any specific needs or preferences you may have for your newborn shoot with your photographer to and don’t worry if your newborn has baby acne – it’s completely normal for newborn babies and can be softened in post-processing.

Newborn Sessions: A Natural and Candid Approach

If overly posed newborn photos aren’t your thing, try lifestyle newborn sessions in the comfort of your own home.

This is the type of newborn photography I specialize in!

I specialize in creating an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to focus on the joy of being together as a new family while I preserve those precious memories. My goal is to capture authentic emotions and genuine connections without the stress and worry that can often accompany traditional photo shoots.

I love to capture genuine memories with your new baby and showcase family interactions and connections that will be cherished for years to come.

Your photographer can guide you through various activities during the session to ensure a diverse collection of heartwarming shots filled with love and emotion.

With lifestyle photography, you’ll get candid moments and natural settings that truly represent you and your growing family.

So, schedule a newborn session with an experienced photographer and let them help bring your baby photos vision to life.

Special Considerations for Premature or Multiple Newborns

  1. Timing your newborn photoshoot for premature babies or multiples like twins requires extra thought.
  2. It’s best to wait until they’ve gained some weight before scheduling a session, usually around two weeks after birth.
  3. Communicate with your newborn photographer about any specific needs or concerns you may have regarding the shoot, especially if you have multiple newborns.
  4. Create a comfortable environment by keeping the room warm and using white noise apps to soothe your little ones during the shoot.

Adjusting Schedules for Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding moms should allow themselves extra time before scheduling their newborn photography sessions to accommodate their own recovery and establish feeding routines that work best for both mom and baby.

This way, everyone involved can enjoy the experience without feeling rushed or pressured into anything less than perfect memories captured on film.

Capturing Milestones Beyond the Newborn Stage

As your baby grows older and reaches milestones like 3-4 weeks old or even up to 12 weeks old, lifestyle photography becomes an increasingly appropriate choice for capturing their developing personalities.

Documenting Developmental Milestones

Capture your little one’s growth through photographs as they hit various developmental stages, such as smiling, sitting up unassisted, crawling, and walking.

Transitioning from Newborn Poses to Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography focuses on candid moments in natural settings rather than posed portraits – perfect for showcasing your baby’s emerging personality.

Incorporate elements of daily life, such as feeding time or playtime with siblings, into these sessions for a more authentic representation of your family dynamics at this stage in life.

Consider hiring a professional photographer who specializes in lifestyle newborn photography to make the most out of these shoots.

FAQs in Relation to When to Do Newborn Photoshoot

When to Schedule a Newborn Photoshoot?

The ideal time for a newborn photoshoot is within the first 5-14 days after birth, as this is when babies are sleepiest and easiest to pose. (source)

Is 2 Weeks Too Late for Newborn Photos?

No, two weeks is not too old for newborn photos, and many photographers can still create beautiful images with slightly older infants by adjusting poses and techniques.

Is 3 Weeks Too Late for Newborn Pictures?

Three weeks might be more challenging for “very posed” newborn images but isn’t necessarily too late, and skilled photographers can still produce stunning results by adapting their approach to the baby’s temperament.

Is 3 Months Too Old for Newborn Pictures?

At three months, babies are no longer considered “newborns,” but you can still have a photo session capturing milestones like smiling or holding their head up during milestone sessions! I love babies at any age – so, it is NEVER too late for baby photos!


 When to do a newborn photoshoot? The ideal timeframe for a newborn photoshoot is within the first two weeks of life to capture those adorable sleepy and snuggly poses.

It’s recommended to get in contact with your photographer to schedule newborn sessions after your second trimester for better availability.

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