Emily & Scott Milwaukee Engagement Session


Emily & Scott’s engagement session was so fun! We started the session at the cozy Palomino bar in Bay View, creating a relaxed atmosphere that allowed the couple to escape the hot and humid weather. As the sun began to set, I guided them to the picturesque South Shore Park for stunning waterfront photos.

As an award-winning wedding photographer passionate about capturing couples’ love and unique stories, I understand the importance of engagement sessions. These sessions freeze beautiful moments in time and help couples feel at ease in front of the camera before their big day.

Contact me today to schedule your engagement session, and let’s create something beautiful!

The Importance of Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions allow couples to get comfortable in front of the camera and connect with each other. These beautiful, romantic moments can be captured forever! Engagement photos also serve as a keepsake for the couple’s big day, helping them remember all the magical memories made throughout their wedding journey. The photos make wonderful additions to wedding albums, save-the-dates, and other mementos.

For couples who are camera shy or find it difficult to express their emotions in front of a lens, engagement sessions offer an opportunity to practice before the big day and become more comfortable with taking photos. It’s also a great chance for my clients to get to know me better and helps us start off our working relationship on the right foot. Engagement sessions are a great way to capture beautiful memories and an important part of wedding planning.

I’m passionate about providing my clients with high-quality images that reflect their love story, and I strive to make each photo session meaningful and enjoyable. My goal is always to provide couples with engaging, romantic photos that will be cherished for years to come. To do so, I strive to make each engagement session unique and tailor it to the couple’s individual needs and preferences. Whether they want a classic and timeless look or something more fun and quirky, I’m here to help them create an experience that is truly special to them.

On top of providing a gallery of beautiful photographs, I like to ensure that my clients have a stress-free and enjoyable experience during their sessions. As such, I always make sure to provide plenty of support in the form of tips and advice on how to prepare for an engagement session. Furthermore, I’m also happy to help couples with any other wedding planning issues they may be facing, going out of my way to provide them with any resources they may need.

I believe engagement sessions should be fun and memorable experiences, so I do my best to ensure that happens! With me by their side, couples can rest assured knowing that the process of capturing these special moments will be stress-free and enjoyable. Plus, they’ll have beautiful photos as a lasting reminder of this significant time in their lives.

couple walking across the street holding hands a couple hugging a couple hugging and smiling a couple hugging and smiling at the camera engagement photo of a couple with a woman in a green dress engagement photo of a couple in a bar engagement photo of a couple in a bar with drinks a couple laughing hysterically a happy couple at the bara black and white photo of a couple kissing at the bar a kissing couple on a milwaukee dock a couple running down a dock a happy couple walking together a dusk an engagement photo of a couple hugging an engagement photo of a couple hugging and smiling a couple dancing on a dock by the lake a couple sitting by the lake a couple kissing on the dock by the lake a woman getting a piggy back ride a couple with sunglasses on the dock

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