Why I Let the Little Ones Lead


I am not your family photographer if…

You expect me to expect your little ones to sit still and listen 100% of the time.

But if your child’s energy is boundless, if they light up the room with their laughter, and if you love those unscripted moments of pure joy, then guess what? I am your family photographer!

During our sessions, I have an unspoken No “sit there and behave” policy! 🙅‍♀️ I love it when kids are unapologetically themselves. 🤭 Their laughter, curiosity, animal impressions, and even their mischievousness make them unique!

I wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy at Studio 29 Photography, so I let the little ones lead the way!

little girl smiling at the park

The Child-Led Approach: Celebrating Authenticity

Imagine this: instead of struggling to get your kids to sit still and smile on cue, you let them be themselves. You allow their energy, enthusiasm, and genuine personalities to take center stage. This, my friends, is the signature Studio 29 Child-Led Approach, and it’s all about celebrating the authenticity of childhood!

I’ve witnessed the incredible power of this approach, and it’s been working for me for over a decade! I believe family photos should capture your family’s unique spirit, which often means letting the kids set the tone.

Understanding Kids Don’t Need to Behave

It’s important to fully understand that kids don’t need to behave perfectly during our sessions. I don’t expect them to sit still and follow strict instructions. Instead, I encourage their natural energy, curiosity, and spontaneity.

I believe that within their boundless enthusiasm lie moments of genuine connection and pure joy that tell your family’s story!

family photo with daughter getting tickled

Why Child-Led?

  1. Authenticity: Kids are unapologetically themselves. Their laughter, curiosity, and even their mischievousness are part of what makes them unique. By letting them be themselves during a session, I can capture the true essence of your family.
  2. Genuine Joy: When children are free to explore, play, and express themselves, the joy that emerges is contagious. Their laughter becomes the soundtrack of your family photo session, creating treasured memories.
  3. Memorable Moments: Some of the most heartwarming and unforgettable moments happen when kids lead the way. Whether it’s a tickle fight, an impromptu dance, or a make-believe adventure, these candid moments are pure gold!

My Role As Your Photographer: Capturing the Magic

As your Wisconsin family photographer, my role is to be there to capture the magic as it unfolds. I don’t force poses or expect perfection. Instead, I embrace the beautiful chaos of family life and turn it into art.

I know that children’s energy can be boundless, and their attention spans can be short. But I also know that within those bursts of energy lie moments of genuine connection, love, and laughter that tell your family’s story.

mom and dad kissing kid on the cheeks smiling

The Joy of Reliving the Moments

When you look back at your family photos, you won’t just see posed smiles; you’ll see the sparkle in your child’s eyes as they explored, the warmth of their laughter, and the love that binds your family together. These are the moments you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

So, if you’re a parent who believes in letting the little ones lead, if you embrace the beauty of your child’s energy and authenticity, then Studio 29 Photography is here to celebrate your family’s unique journey. Let’s embark on a child-led photo adventure together and capture the magic of your family’s true spirit. 📷💫

XO, Ren Lenhof

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