Shift Your Perspective and Find Joy


Your moments are where your attention is. What you choose to focus on becomes your reality.

As your family photographer, I want to share how this mindset can transform your profession. By embracing it, you can mentally preserve extraordinary moments and prioritize what truly matters.

When it comes to “successful” family photography, it’s all about perspective. And I’m here to share why shifting your focus from the perceived imperfections to the genuine moments that define your family’s unique story is essential!!

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See Things As You Want Them To Be, Not As They Are”  – Jim Fortin

When you enter your family photo session, your particular mindset will color the entire experience. What do I mean by that?

Well, if your attention is fixed on “messed” up hair, “chaotic” children, or tiny mud stains on pants, it’s easy to label the session as a disaster. BUT! As your family photographer, I encourage you to see things differently! See things from a more positive outlook!

Okay, Ren… how do I do that??

Keep reading for my tips on shifting your perspective and finding joy during even the most seemingly chaotic family photo sessions…

How to Shift Your Perspective and Find Joy During Family Photo Sessions

The Power of Positivity

Instead of nitpicking the details that don’t align with your ideal image, consider this: every family has quirks, playful moments, and beautiful chaos.

What you might perceive as imperfections are often the most authentic and heartwarming aspects of your family’s story.

Quirks = Moments Worth Capturing

Reframe how these moments are playing out in your head:

  • Your child’s “messed” up hair? It’s a testament to their spirited nature and their enthusiasm for life.
  • Their “chaotic” behavior? It’s a reflection of their unbridled joy and boundless curiosity.
  • That tiny mud stain on their pants? It’s a reminder of their adventurous spirit and love for exploration.
  • The fact that they won’t let you put them down and demand to be glued to your hip?  It’s a reminder that they won’t be this little forever, which is definitely worth cherishing.

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Shifting Your Gaze

So, as you prepare for your family photo session, I invite you to shift your gaze. Instead of dwelling on what doesn’t fit the conventional mold, focus on what makes your family uniquely beautiful.

Look for the smiles—the genuine ones that light up your child’s face. Observe the laughter—the unscripted, belly-aching kind that warms your heart. Pay attention to your child just being themselves—curious, goofy, and full of life.

Embracing the Realness

Family photos should tell your story, not an idealized version of it. Embrace the realness, the messiness, the imperfections. These are the moments that will become cherished memories, encapsulating the essence of your family’s love and joy.


Your moments are where your attention is. When you shift your focus from perceived flaws to authentic moments, you’ll discover a profound beauty that exists in the everyday. So, as you walk into your family photo session, remember to look for your family’s smiles, laughter, and unique essence.

These are the moments that truly matter, and they deserve to be celebrated and preserved for generations to come!

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Remember, time waits for no one. Don’t let the days go by without having your family’s special moments captured and preserved forever. Reach out to a local photographer in your area today and start planning for an unforgettable family photography experience. Your pictures will become cherished memories that you’ll treasure throughout your lifetime. Start creating those moments now! Inquire today, and let’s get your family session on my calendar!

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