Nov 13

I really love my Nike+ GPS Sport Watch. Until my knee(s) fully heal I have been restricted to walking/jogging with an incline on the treadmill. Not being able to run makes me appreciate my ability to run. I look forward to the next couple of weeks when I can slowly start hitting the pavement like […]

this was my heart rate when I went sky diving: this is my heart rate when I go for a 6 mile run: 12 Minute Legs  Frog Jumps 30 sec ~ hold 1 db center Rest 30 sec Walking Lunges 30 sec ~ hold dbs at sides Rest 30 sec Sumo Squats 30 sec ~ hold 1 […]

Photo timeline from my trip to Washington DC & the Quantico Marine Base. My afternoon run from my Grandfather’s house to the zoo. I love my GPS Nike+ Watch   Studio 29 LLC Loves to Travel. Destination sessions outside Milwaukee are custom priced based on travel costs, hotel, and airfare for one.

DC day 1

Aug 18

Yesterday I landed in DC ~ here are some IPHONE pictures from my first day.  I went for a 5.8 mile run. My distance landmark yesterday was the Zoo. Today I will run a little further. Washington DC is very hilly, so the run was both challenging but, as always, super fun. I ran down & […]

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