Is there such a thing as the perfect wedding proposal? Yes, there is!  But how do you do it? What makes a proposal magnificent? What makes asking your significant other to marry you unique? Well, it’s actually them.  It is about what they like, what they need, and what makes them feel special. All of […]

I have the biggest crush on last night’s nautical engagement session. Adorable couple, a Great Dane named Blue, and an incredible boat: it doesn’t get much better. Here is one frame from yesterday’s session. Stay tuned for their entire preview. XO

Here is the preview for the UP inspired engagement session with Andrea + Jerry. They sat next to one another in their wacky chairs, watched clouds, played with balloons, ran through fields, snapped some photos, read their books and dreamt of paradise falls. 😉 This engagement session was quite an adventure! Join Studio 29 on […]

I thought I would share a different kind of post today. Starting with one of my favorite quotes that I find ÜBER inspiring; You don’t take a photograph just with a camera. You bring the act of photography to all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, and […]

2012 Wedding Season is dwindling down and all I can think about is how incredible it has been! I haven’t had more fun doing what I love and meeting such wonderful people at the same time! In 2013 I look forward to working with many new wonderful people and capturing all the special moments on […]


Aug 24

mailed out Amanda’s wedding photos earlier this week – – all the way to Florida! Here were three of my favorites that were added to the Studio 29 Website. 🙂


Jul 9

And all of these moments Just might find their way into my dreams tonight -J.Johnson

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