5 Super Valid Reasons to Not Skimp on Your Wedding Photography (Seriously, Guys. We Mean It.)



5 Valid Reasons to Not Skimp on Your Wedding Photography

(Seriously, Guys. We Mean It. Do not skimp on your wedding photography)

You’re here. The day that couldn’t come soon enough has finally arrived. Your makeup is flawless, your heart is overflowing, your fiancé is about to become your life partner. The RSVPs have (mostly) been returned, the DJ is ready with lists of tunes to keep the party rocking, and your dress is the most perfect thing you could’ve imagined. Your mom is crying, your dad is crying, hell, everyone’s crying, and is so. dang. happy. for you. Yes, you. Now, where’s the photographer? Oh, they’re late? They can’t come due to rain? They called and said they’re feeling under the weather? Aunt Joanna says she knows a guy who could come take some pictures last-minute if nobody objects . . . is this giving you a panic attack yet? It should. Families, brides, grooms, and friends put their hearts and souls into planning the perfect day. Having the perfect images to remember that once-in-a-lifetime day is priceless. Need to pinch pennies? We get it. But, just not on your photography, okay? If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why.

This Isn’t Dress Rehearsal

Your wedding isn’t practiced for the real deal. It’s once. It’s not a bad birthday party that you can toss in the “forget that ever happened” bin and try again next year. You have one heart that you’re giving to one other person on one day of your entire life. We can’t imagine anything that’s more worth capturing.

If you made personal bridesmaid goody bags with Announce It! custom candy bar wrappers, or had a beautiful moment with your mum, don’t wish years later you’d captured it all on camera. You put all this effort into your wedding, so investing in a specialist wedding photographer is your own personal reward for creating such a special day. Trust me, your future self will thank you.


This Isn’t a One-Woman (or One-Man) Show

Some people prioritize the dress. They want a runway, designer, show-stopping gown that would make Donatella Versace blush. We get it. We want that for you, too. But, have you thought about what your groom really wants? What about your Grandma? Or your current or future children? Your pictures live on after you do. Your photography isn’t just for you. It’s for those people who love you, cherish you, and adore you. It’s for those people (and you, of course) to remember the day where every ounce of love, joy, and emotion happened – might we add that these days usually only happen with a heck of a lot of elbow grease from people who care about you.

Murphy’s Law is Real

As perfectly planned as your day will be, life sometimes gets in the way. The weather forecaster will be dead wrong, the flower girl will refuse to go down the aisle, the corsages might be wilted. This isn’t to scare for you. These are actually lovely reminders that despite life’s hiccups, your love is bigger than any wedding day snafu. A dedicated, professional, and high-quality photographer will adapt to the unexpected. They will work with the weather to create beautiful images despite clouds, wind, or snow. They will flow, bend, and work with your day, your guests, your unique circumstances – not the day they had in mind.

Thrift Shops are Fine. For Books, Antiques, and Popcorn Poppers.

You’re a bargain hunter. More power to ya, sister (or brother). Sometimes in life, it’s smart to go for the discount or get the generic brand. Used books are great. Generic tissues are fine. Do you really need name-brand silverware? Probably not. Well, it’s time to know something, though. Generally, you get what you pay for. Discounts, freebies, and skimping are not for tattoos, cheese (is that just us?), or, most importantly, wedding photography.

Do Your Best. You Won’t Regret it.

Figure out what you can really afford, what your pictures are worth to your future self and family (let us answer this one for you: gold), and really go for the gusto here. You can get by with the paper napkins, 1 less keg, or a few fewer candles on each table. You will kick yourself one million times over if you try to get by on blurry, unprofessional, dark, or flat-out terrible photography.


To see for yourself what love truly captured looks like, check out our Twitterblog, or website. We hope to see you (and your glorious and perfect love) soon.

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