Tips for the Best Wedding Day Photos


tips for the best wedding day photos
When it comes to weddings, there is so much planning to do and all kinds of decisions to be made for each little detail of the day. Food, photography, dresses, flowers, décor, guest list, etc…. Of course, it can become stressful and overwhelming at times. Each little decision can greatly affect the outcome of the biggest day of your life. But don’t worry! When it comes to making your decisions for your wedding photography, we’ve got you covered. Through our experience, we’ve learned all the tricks and tips for getting the best wedding day photos.
1) Timeline
Plan a timeline with your Photographer. All Studio 29 Photography clients get a customizable timeline template that is created with making time for the best photos in mind. We work with each of our couples to create a timeline that allows for the most photos & the most time for everyone to enjoy every moment of the day!
2) Have a First Look
Having a first look calms the nerves and leaves more time for portraits as well as the possibility of an evening ceremony right before sunset. A first look also allows the bride and groom to spend some time together in private before the ceremony, allowing nerves to subside so that the bride and groom can truly enjoy and soak in every aspect of their ceremony. Many special and precious emotions can be captured through first look sessions as well. There’s nothing else like capturing the moment of the groom seeing their gorgeous bride for the very first time and the emotions that come with it.
3) Priorities for Photos
Communicate with your photographer about what “unique photos” will be most important to you! Are you wearing your grandma’s jewelry? Are you bringing your doggy to the wedding? Are their certain friends from high school you haven’t seen in years? The goal is to communicate your priorities and unique details without stomping on your photographer’s creativity with a long list of shots that need to be checked off.
4) Trust Your Photographer!
Our clients completely trust Caleb and I to do what we do best: observe and capture! Whoever you choose to be your photographer is going to be around you and your family for many hours on the best day of your life, so you want to feel comfortable with them and, most of all, be able to TRUST them.
5) Be You!
The biggest mistake a couple can make on their wedding day would be to try and copy photos from another wedding that they may have seen online or on social media. The love and life you share with your sweetheart is unique to you. Your photos should reflect that. Trying to re-create someone else’s love story will feel forced and unnatural, instead of just being in the moment and experiencing your day, YOUR way. After your wedding day, I guarantee your favorite photos will be the ones that take you back to a certain moment of the day. And, if you trust your photography team to capture your day to its fullest, then there really is no need to copy another bride’s wedding photos.
6) Do an Engagement Session
While your wedding day photos will probably be most important, engagement photos are a close second. The excitement you and your significant other will have during your engagement is unlike any other, and you’ll want to capture that for a lifetime. Plus, the engagement shoot is the ideal opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer—and get comfortable in front of the camera!  Visit category/studio29engagement/  to check out some engagement sessions we’ve had the pleasure of capturing. Not convinced, read our blog post: Why You Should Have an Engagement Session. 
tips for the best wedding day photos
tips for the best wedding day photostips for the best wedding day photostips for the best wedding day photostips for the best wedding day photostips for the best wedding day photostips for the best wedding day photostips for the best wedding day photostips for the best wedding day photostips for the best wedding day photosbest wedding day photos
A handful of these photos were taken alongside some amazing creatives:
Makeup: Melody Sopa
Some were also featured on Green Wedding Shoes.
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