Sidewalk Sessions for The Hunger Task Force/Saint Luke’s Hospital


As seen on my lifestyle blog, House Fur, you may know I’ve been doing Safe Sidewalk Sessions and donating $ to different organizations around the MKE area!

During the last two weeks of March, I drove over 400 miles and visited homes all over SE Wisconsin and I was able to raise $2630 based solely off of the donations-only sessions #sidewalksessions2020, for The Hunger Task Force. I met so many incredible families from a safe distance in those 2 short weeks and I learned SO MUCH! I had the privilege to photograph over 20 families! All of my sessions have been in accordance with the Wi Safer At Home Act.

Donating my time and creative talents is my antidote for sadness. The Sidewalk Sessions have helped me realize that no matter how small, we all are capable of helping those in need and doing something about the problems around us. 

The Hunger Task Force was my first choice for these sessions because during the COVID crisis so many families are in dire need of food. According to the HTF, donations are crucial help to Hunger Task Force at this time to cover shortfalls in specific food donations and operations for emergency food distributions.

My point of contact at the Hunger Task Force Matt says, “We’re just so grateful.  Not only will this provide critical meals and healthy food to families, but this can raise awareness so more people know that there is an unprecedented need in so many communities right now.”

The progress of this project has been covered by:

For more information about my Safe Sidewalk Sessions, please send an email to Ren @ or fill out the contact form on this site.


Thank you so much for making a difference in so many lives and for bringing me so many smiles during this dreary time.

This project was all about, “Creating from a place of inspiration, not a place of obligation.” Thanks for that inspiration, Tyler!

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