Seven Wedding Keepsakes To Remember Your Big Day


Your wedding day is likely to go by in a flash, but you’ll make memories that will last you a lifetime. A great way to remember your big day is to buy some beautiful wedding keepsakes that you can use to remember your wedding. There are lots of options to commemorate the special day and your time as newlyweds that go beyond your wedding photos

  1. Pressed Flowers: Save some of the flowers from your bouquet and press or dry them. Once pressed, your flowers will last forever, so you can keep enjoying them long after they would normally have wilted. You could frame your pressed flowers in a shadow box frame so you can display them and enjoy them long after your wedding is over. 
  2. Ornaments: Personalized wedding ornaments are a lovely way to mark your milestones in your first year of marriage. You can buy ornaments that mark your first Christmas as a married couple. These make lovely gifts for your partner or make nice gifts for newly married friends. 
  3. A Keepsake Box: If you have small items that you want to keep, like one of your wedding invites, a cork from the champagne from the toast, or your veil, then you need somewhere safe to keep them. A personalized keepsake box is a good way to do this. Have the lid engraved with your names and wedding date, and you can keep all your important keepsakes safe for years to come. 
  4. Wedding Certificate Holder: You need to keep your wedding certificate safe, but there’s no reason that you can’t protect it in a way that is also beautiful. A silver-plated tube with your names and wedding date engraved on is an ideal way to protect your wedding certificate that still looks good. 
  5. Personalized Art: You could have custom art printed up using the lyrics or sheet music of the song you walked down the aisle to or your first dance song. Once framed, this is a clever gift for the traditional paper gift for your first wedding anniversary. It’s also a beautiful way to display a happy memory. Whenever you look at it, you’ll be reminded of walking down the aisle or your first dance. Some people like to have drawings done of their wedding venue, which can also be a lovely way to commemorate the wedding. 
  6. Wedding Bouquet Flowers in Resin: There are clever people on Etsy who will set your wedding flowers in resin. The resin can then be molded into shapes. You could have a heart, your initials, a word, or whatever you like. You could choose larger shapes to display as an ornament or small ones that can be turned into jewelry. This is a great way to preserve your bouquet, which normally you’d just have to throw away.
  7. Custom Glasses: For your wedding reception you could have a pair of champagne or wine glasses printed, perhaps with ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’. You can use these at your wedding and then take them to keep using at home on every anniversary!

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