What Wedding Photos Do You Want To Get?


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Your wedding day is an extraordinary chapter in your life story, one that you’ve likely been envisioning and planning for months, maybe even years. It’s a day filled with love, laughter, and countless precious moments. But let’s face it, it also flies by in the blink of an eye! That’s precisely why capturing these fleeting moments through the lens of a skilled wedding photographer is so vital. It’s not just about having someone there to snap pictures; it’s about ensuring that the memories of your day are preserved exactly as you want them to be.

Your photographer will undoubtedly be on the lookout to capture the full scope of the day, but if there are specific shots you’ve been dreaming of, it’s crucial to communicate this. By doing so, you’re not leaving those must-have moments to chance. Whether it’s the traditional, posed pictures or the more spontaneous, candid shots, letting your photographer know what you’re looking for ensures they focus on what matters most to you. With this in mind, let’s explore some popular photo ideas to consider for your wedding day.

Getting Ready

The main event – your ceremony – is undoubtedly a highlight, but don’t overlook the significance of the moments leading up to it. These are the times filled with anticipation and excitement, often spent with close friends and family.

You might need to hire the photographer for longer so they can definitely get those moments, from the bride having her hair and makeup done to the groom tying his bow tie and shining his shoes, and so on. However, it’s definitely worth it, as these moments are ones that can quickly become the best part of the day, and it’s great to have a memory of them. 

The First Look

The first look isn’t just about ticking boxes on your photo list. Sure, it’s super handy to get a bunch of great shots done before the ceremony. It means you can jump straight into the party with your guests afterwards, without any worry about missing those key snaps. But let’s not forget, the first look is about so much more than just convenience.

This moment is your personal timeout in a day that’s going to zip by at lightning speed. It’s a chance for you and your other half to catch a breath, share a look, and really connect before the whirlwind of festivities begins.

During your first look, we keep it low-key. We’re there, but we’re not in your face. We’re capturing those natural, heartfelt moments without making you feel like you’re on a stage.

And let’s be honest, these first look photos? They’re going to be some of your favorites. They’re the ones where you see all the anticipation, the nerves, the pure joy of seeing each other all dressed up and ready to say “I do.” These are the images that, years down the line, will take you right back to that moment, to all the butterflies and excitement of starting your journey together.

Deciding to do a first look is totally up to you. It’s a personal choice, but for those who go for it, it often turns into one of the most memorable parts of the whole day. It’s a moment of genuine, unfiltered connection, setting the tone for the incredible journey you’re about to embark on together.

Chicago wedding first look

The Rings & Other Details

Another popular picture is that of the wedding rings. Place your diamond wedding bands on a vow book, velvet ring box, or in a ring of flowers, and the photographer will take some fabulous up-close shots of them. 

No matter how exciting it might be to put those rings on for the first time, as the years go by, you might not even think about them anymore – they’ll just be there, and you’ll be so used to wearing them that you don’t even consider them. Having wonderful shots of them in all their stunning beauty will remind you of just how special the rings really are – and they are just a great addition to your wedding gallery to help tell your whole story!

But it’s not only about the rings. Consider the other subtle yet crucial elements: the fine details on your wedding gown, your shoes, the graceful calligraphy on your invitations, the elegant arrangement of your table settings, and the soft interplay of shadows and light around your venue. Each of these components contributes to the story of your wedding day. A talented photographer captures these details, ensuring that every aspect of your special day is remembered and valued.

Candid Shots

The traditional wedding photos that everyone expects will generally be the reason why you hired the photographer in the first place, and those are great images to have, but don’t forget the more candid shots as well. That’s what Caleb and I specialize in, and for good reason – we understand the invaluable treasure these candid moments hold. Our philosophy is centered around documenting your day just as it is – no artificial poses, no staged scenarios. We blend into the background, observing and capturing the day as it naturally unfolds. Our aim is to tell your unique story through our lens, focusing on genuine emotions and interactions. We believe that the true spirit of your wedding day lies in these unguarded moments.

When it comes to your wedding day, every moment pulses with emotion and life. While traditional, posed photographs have their place, it’s the candid shots that truly encapsulate the essence of your celebration. These are the unscripted, spontaneous moments that paint a genuine picture of your special day. Whether it’s your parents’ tears as you walk down the aisle, the surprise when someone catches the bouquet, or genuine laughter at a joke in a speech, these are the shots you’re going to cherish as the years go by. 

We have a keen eye for these fleeting moments. We’re there, camera in hand, ready to capture the laughter during the speeches, the tears during the vows, and the joy in every dance move. Our approach is discreet and unobtrusive, ensuring that your day is about you and your loved ones, not about posing for the camera.

In choosing Studio 29 Photography, you’re choosing a team that values the authenticity of your wedding day. We are committed to providing you with a visual narrative that’s as real and vibrant as your memories will be. These candid photographs will not just be images; they will be a collection of moments, a series of stories, a gallery of emotions that you will cherish for a lifetime.


In wrapping up, remember that your wedding photos are much more than mere images; they’re the timeless keepsakes of your love story, vividly capturing the essence of your special day. From the meticulously planned moments to the spontaneous bursts of joy, each photograph is a portal back to those feelings of love and celebration. So, take the time to discuss with your photographer, ensuring they understand not just the shots you desire, but the story you want to tell.

After all, when the cake has been eaten and the last dance danced, these photographs will be your tangible connection to a day that, in the rush and excitement, may have seemed to pass all too quickly. Embrace this chance to immortalize your journey, in all its beauty and uniqueness, through the art of photography. And remember, in years to come, as you leaf through these precious memories, you’ll not only say, “That was our wedding day,” but also, “That was the beginning of our forever.”

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