This weekend I had the privilege to photograph Rita & Matt and stare at the beautiful Chicago skyline.

After our session we went out for some cocktails, enjoyed some pizza, and sipped on red wine. It was phenomenal.

Thank you R+M for: the fantastic engagement session, tour of the city, lending your coat, sharing your home with us, the special Chicago soy candle, and the super-fun evening out!

I am really looking forward to their wedding this October!

Enjoy the preview! XO

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Although brunch is always a convivial experience, conversing over beyond-excellent food,

in an unfamiliar city is always a great end to the weekend.

Before returning home this weekend, we went out for Sunday brunch in the windy city. We were advised to go to Little Goat by R+M. I am so glad they offered their suggestions because after doing some research, our choices were endless – – restaurants, pubs, and even sushi counters participate in this scrumptious Sunday routine.

Little Goat is nestled in the West Loop neighborhood. When we walked in to put our names on the list, I immediately noticed & loved the decorative 70’s wallpaper, the Eames-style chairs, and the vintage Photo Booth in the entry way.

The weather was reaching the upper 50s so we opted to eat outside on the patio so we could enjoy the view of the city and, of course, there were plenty of happy doggies on their morning walks to stare at.

 Their menu was so interested and unique. This being our virgin dining experience here, we did not have a “go-to” meal choice. We obviously ordered Bloodies, C’s with Vodka mine with Gin. They were spicy with a hint of garlic, so we both throughly enjoyed them.

We tried the: BANH MI STYLE Burger (pickled veggie slaw. jan’s orange mayo. mint & cilantro. bolillo) and the KOREAN (kimchi . bacon . egg . spicy mayo . squish squash roll). We ordered both with a veggie patty and I had mine sans bacon.

The waitress also brought me a side of broccoli and other asian veggies instead. (SO good!!)

We could have sat there all day and probably tried the whole menu,  if we hadn’t had to catch the Hiawatha back home to MKE.

I cannot wait for our next trip to Chicago. I foresee another visit to Little Goat – I am so excited to hangout on their rooftop patio!

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