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I’m not lying when I say that I have been excited to share these fall engagement photos at Minooka Park in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Despite popular belief, 2020 has a straight hustle – with photographing 2-3 family sessions a day, followed promptly by weddings on weekends and, of course, a lot of time spent goal setting […]


We love dogs. I love taking photos of dogs and capturing their goofy, majestic, and loving spirits! I had the best time taking photos for Rebecca and Adam of their two doggies, Juno and Sasha!    Milwaukee Wisconsin Dog Photographer | Studio 29 Photography

If you wear glasses in your usual life and don’t like to wear contact lenses, then you might be weighing up whether or not to wear your glasses as a bride. Glasses are not usually something that people picture on a bride, but there’s no reason you can’t wear them. Before you decide, weigh up […]

Capturing a couple’s family session and then their maternity session a year later is one of my favorite parts of my job! It’s like being invited along to witness all the very best highlights of their life! Not being a parent (yet?) myself,  I don’t exactly know/understand all the feelings of uncertainty, excitement, and (most […]

Your wedding day is likely to go by in a flash, but you’ll make memories that will last you a lifetime. A great way to remember your big day is to buy some beautiful wedding keepsakes that you can use to remember your wedding. There are lots of options to commemorate the special day and […]

I’ve had sessions 24 of the last 29 days! BIG thanks to everyone who has shared their smiles with me this month! I love capturing the love between parents and their kiddos! This Wehr Nature Center family session with the Nelsen family was so beautiful. We did the session bright and early, and the soft morning […]

Andddd just like that this little cutie is ONE!!! I had such a great time snapping family photos of this family and their doggy Thunder!

When you get engaged, you immediately want to celebrate it and so you should. But don’t rush into anything because planning is key when it comes to creating an engagement party that’s going to be enjoyable and memorable for everyone present. We’re going to talk about all the things you need to get right when […]

Your wedding day will be fantastic, of course, but you won’t want it to just last a few hours. You’ll want it to last a lifetime! And how do you do that? By having great wedding photos taken, of course! If you’re able to get this part of your wedding right, then your big day […]

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