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Amy & Mark Wedding

Aug 31, 2011

Today I finalized all of the remaining photos from Amy & Mark’s August Wedding in Waukesha Wisconsin.

I knew it would be an amazing day when I initially met with Amy about photographing her wedding. She had excitement in her voice and nothing short of wonderful things to say about Mark, her family, and friends.

On August 12, 2012 (wedding day)  Amy & Mark and they were constantly smiling. It is truly apparent how much Amy & Mark care about each other. So many of the photos have Amy laughing~ It makes me so happy that I was able to capture so many candid smiles and laughs.

 I am very envious of the ample amount of  love and support given to Amy & Mark by all their family and friends.

 Congrats to Amy & Mark, once again, for tying the knot! Thank you for sharing your day with me. 🙂

Amy & Mark Wedding Photos can be Seen HERE

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